Sunday, August 16, 2009

Auto-Post to Facebook and Twitter

Use Auto-Post to quickly distribute your content to your other favorite sites. Every time you publish on AC, a link to your content will automatically post to your Facebook Wall and your Twitter feed.
Click here to get started. It's an easy, automated way to promote your content and keep your contacts in the loop.MySpace.comYes, even AC has a MySpace page! Join other Contributors on the AC MySpace page to get updates from AC, share ideas and promote your content. Click here to learn more. We also offer an AC-themed Myspace layout. Click here to learn more.SubscribersYour friends, family and other Contributors are a great outlet to promote yourself. As a registered Contributor, you can add friends and family to your Subscribers list under the My Account tab. You can also visit fellow Contributors' profile pages and subscribe to their content. If you subscribe to someone else, message them from their profile page and let them know! Maybe they'll subscribe to your content and help share it with people they know.
Get the Associated Content Portal App on Facebook and:
  • Discover content from all over AC and share it with your Facebook friends.
  • Create a profile widget to promote your recently published text, video, audio and slideshows.
  • Invite your friends to join AC.
  • Stay on top of the latest AC news, Assignments and Performance Payments details.

Social bookmarking sitesPromote your content by submitting it to social bookmarking sites like Digg, Netscape and Delicious. Links to these sites are available by clicking on "SHARE" from the top-right corner of every published piece of content. The more you submit your content to these sites, the better your chances are of being discovered by new audiences. is a kind of social bookmarking but it doesn't rely on a central website to store your submissions. Rather, it requires a toolbar to be installed on your browser. Once installed, you can then review your content and other StumbleUpon users with similar interests will be brought to your content. Be sure to use proper keywords when reviewing your content for this site.
Yahoo! AnswersIf you have a Yahoo! account you can go to Yahoo! Answers and check to see if any of your content can answer someone's question. This is a great opportunity to create a link back to your content and generate exposure for yourself. Sometimes it will be a fellow Contributor's content that best answers a question, so keep them in mind. Remember to message any other Contributor you use as an answer and maybe they'll return the favor.
Meetup.comIf you ever wonder how to get more people interested in your content, try creating a meetup at for Contributors in your area. Here you can share tips and exchange ideas.

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